QUE NERVOS! (que stress! em linguagem empresarial)

Olhar à volta é por vezes um exercício deprimente: ninguém parece estar bem disposto e todos parecem ter dormido mal - gargalhadas espontâneas? não há!
Stress foi a 1ª fase agora chegou o BURNOUT:
"In today's hyper-competitive economy, we can easily fall prey to burnout that comes from information overload, "perpetual busyness," and constantly racing against the clock.
In his book, Edward Hallowell writes that being too busy can become a habit so entrenched that it makes us slaves to a lifestyle we don't like, but can't escape: "You can be so busy that you don't even take the time to decide what actually does matter the most to you, let alone make the time to do it." What's more, many of us "get lost in work" while watching our health, relationships, and outside interests suffer."
Christopher Gergen and Gregg Vanourek apresentam:
Three Ways to Beat Burnout:
  1. Managing Your Work
  2. Embracing Renewal
  3. Doing "the Right Work"

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